KOLE FINLEY – Real Estate Business Coach and Trainer

Kole has been a professional trainer, coach, and instructional designer for over 30 years. She has worked in these roles for such companies as Krispy Kreme, Icon LLC, Blockbuster Video, and Microsoft. 2012 She became a Managing Broker with John L. Scott-KMS, and in 2017 she launched the Kent, WA Market Center with the KW Ranch Brokerage Network.

During her years in real estate, she has written and delivered such classes as “Open House Mastery,” “12 Weeks to Mastery,” “JLSKMS New Agent Training Workshop,” “The Art and Science of Becoming an Employer,” “The MREA Systems and Operations Workshop,” “The KPA Workshop,” to name a few.
She has had the honor of being a Keller Williams Team Leader, Keller Williams Regional Technology Roadshow Trainer, KW Market Center Trainer, and Instructional Designer. She has coached over 700 real estate agents in the systems, tools, and models of the MREA (Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan).

She is also the CEO and Business and Performance Coach for her own company, Finley-RE: Coaching and Consulting. Her mission is “To conspire with people to help them see, believe, and become the greatest version of the grandest vision they have for themselves.”

One-on-One Coaching

For over a decade, Kole has coached real estate agents and teams at all levels of production. Her philosophy is simple – the coach and the client are partners in helping the client reach the he/she/they have set for themselves. Every client is whole and has the power to create the lives of their dreams.

Training Classes:

In Person and Live Streamed

Kole has designed and delivered courses in a wide variety of businesses including the tech sector, restaurants, and retail. However, her passion is teaching the systems, tools, and models of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan). She provides training through her company, Finley-RE: Coaching and Consulting, both virtually and in person. She also partners with Keller Williams offices to facilitate training classes based on their unique needs.

Group Coaching

In addition to one-on-one, Kole’s clients can participate in a variety of Group Coaching programs including the 12 Weeks to Mastery Workshop Intensive, Wealth Building Resource Group, the MREA Book Club, the Growth and Accountability Weekly Group.

Kole is one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. She is always upbeat and positive while delivering a wealth of information. She engages with her clients in a way that allows them to self discover instead of being told the answers to their questions. Her Open House Mastery class was so well received by our agents. She helped them to think about their own presentations in a way that they hadn’t thought of before. Learning to present yourself as a confident agent is key to success in our industry and Kole is one of the best at this. Her understanding of human behavior enables her to share her insights with her clients which enables the clients to understand themselves on a higher level which in turn helps them to understand their own clients at a higher level.
Words matter and Kole is an expert at using the right words.

Joyce Roderick, Real Estate Productivity Coach and Realtor

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